A unique program of personal traits and capacities development through surfing. It helps to learn more about oneself, recognize what competencies are well cultivated and what qualities demand additional development.
About the program
This program is designed for companies that focus on employee development and are looking for new forms and approaches to developing competencies.

The ocean has a strong energy, provides you the opportunity to test and express yourself, gives rise to emotions and is an excellent platform for development and improvement of efficiency at work and beyond. This helps employees to be more involved in the learning process and to assimilate the acquired knowledge.
Ocean Insight consists of 3 programs
Training sessions for employees that introduce the development of competencies through surfing, and also provides an opportunity to work on emotional intelligence, awareness, and stress management through practical exercises. Interesting examples, research, videos, exercises that will inspire employees to develop. Duration from one hour to three.

Surf workshop — with a trip to the ocean and surfing practice. The activities included in the work of the workshop are aimed at developing emotional intelligence, mental health, awareness, finding balance at work and in life. And all this through the prism of learning to surf, interact with the ocean and work on yourself, using coaching and mindfulness practices.

Follow the surf workshop operation and join the group.
Workshop of psychological preparation for surfing — group work with participants to work with fears, awareness, understanding what qualities provide to achieve results in surfing and how not to lose a sense of pleasure in the process, as well as the state of the here and now.

Surf workshop — with a trip to the ocean and surfing practice. The activities included in the work of the workshop are aimed at developing the emotional intelligence of the surf group, mental health, awareness, finding balance at work and in life. And all this through the prism of learning to surf, interact with the ocean and work on yourself, using coaching and mindfulness practices.

Stay tuned for news and dates of departure of the workshop to the ocean.
Surf therapy for children — therapeutic surf sessions for children with the aim of personal development and maintaining mental health.

By participating in the corporate and individual format of the programs, you help us conduct free sessions for children, open the world of surfing for them, give them new experiences, give them the opportunity to develop self-confidence, get help and maintain mental health.
Our approach
  • 1
    We believe that personal development at work helps in life, and vice versa. The competencies that we develop through surfing we apply when working in a company, solving problems, negotiating and coping with difficult situations
  • 2
    The quality of information assimilation increases when a person experiences emotional involvement. The ocean and surfing help us in this
  • 3
    Every year the interest in surfing grows and makes the form of learning through surfing more attractive
  • 4
    We see people's interest in this program. Employees will be happy to engage in development, having the opportunity to be by the ocean or to become familiar with it
  • 5
    This program will attract leaders and managers who see personal development through overcoming difficulties
  • 6
    Surfing is fun and unusual, with our serious approach, employees will also enjoy and have some physical exercise
  • 7
    A side effect of the program can be a sense of unity and team building
  • 8
    You can choose those competencies that are important to develop specifically for your employees
  • 9
    We work individually and with a group in real time, part of the program is carried out in the office, part on land and in the ocean
  • 10
    We are looking for new formats of training and development, which are aimed at increasing the efficiency of employees
  • 11
    We are ready to discuss options for organizing the program depending on the request, timing, budget and client's wishes
What can surfing help develop
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Awareness
  • Focus Management
  • Resilience
  • Self confidence
  • Result and process orientation
  • Self-awareness
  • Stress management
  • Work & life balance
Program format: face-to-face group sessions, webinars, field trips
Why developing competencies through surfing is a good idea
All over the world, surfing is recommended by experts as a process that positively affects one's own attitude, influences the emotional background and gives a powerful effect of feeling oneself in this world.

Surfing allows you to:
  • Learn to
    Accept yourself for who you are, gain a new exciting interest and purpose in life
  • Feel
    Yourself part of nature,feel the power of the elements, feel yourself part of something larger and real
  • Improve the quality
    Of interaction with other people, strengthen friendships and working relationships
  • Get better
    For yourself, learn to understand and feel yourself, be aware of emotions, learn to work with yourself and your states
  • Develop
    Emotional spectrum, start to feel more successful, self-actualize, add happy days
  • Realize
    That the opportunities for growth are endless, that there is no limit to perfection and there is always room for improvement
Surfing develops body and mind, balance and strength, endurance and awareness

Surfing is a platform that helps you get to know yourself better, develop competencies, skills, accept yourself as you are, become better, be energized to achieve goals and see new horizons. Surfing in the prism of personal development helps to learn and improve such qualities as decision-making at the instance, the ability to admit one's mistakes, take risks, and manage emotions.
These are the qualities you use at work to cope with a task and difficult situations. Surfing provides an opportunity to learn how to be focused and relaxed at the same time.
There is no doubt that the ocean is therapeutic. Currently, there are more than 27 studies proving the effectiveness of surfing's influence on interaction between people, communication, the ability to cope with stressful situations, post-traumatic disorders, improving the mental health and well-being of children and adults.
Surfing is attracting more and more people, it is a trendy popular destination that adds a special charm to our program. After all, this kind of trip is a new format that combines work on oneself, physical activity, rest and self-development.

Surfing, ocean, water — all this allows you to feel belonging to the natural world, plunge into the world of freedom, while realizing that you are part of the whole. And harmony with the ocean and oneself helps to develop and change. Surfing allows you to experience the brightest and widest range of feelings in a short time, increase your emotional stability, and stabilize your emotional well-being. The feeling of belonging to a large, healthy and growing community also has a positive effect on a person. You feel that you are not alone, you are united by the intention to learn new things, love for the elements, the desire to achieve results, enjoying the process.
Have you ever tried surfing? From my own experience, I will say that after any ride, I feel calm, relaxed, contented and energized. I feel this very moment and enjoy life. Time flies when surfing, emotions go off scale, the force of nature does not allow you to turn off the process. Surfing is a kind of meditation. Surfing makes life better, grips completely and never let you go.
— Simon Shulgin, co-creator of the program
In the corporate world, we often restrain our emotions, sometimes it is difficult for us to be ourselves, trust people and share with them. We are faced with tough deadlines, decision making in a situation of uncertainty, dissatisfaction with our work-life balance.

Surfing allows you to develop, work with your own self-esteem, increase your sense of confidence and accept yourself in the moment, allow you not to give up and keep working on yourself, despite difficulties and mistakes, to go forward to achieve a result.
Surfing has taken a strong place in the well-being direction, working to preserve and restore mental health.
Program creators and coaches
Yulia Karaseva
Yulia combines her education in psychology and coaching with a great love of surfing. She has a wealth of experience in HR consulting and sees the potential for personal development through surfing. Using international practice and research in the field of surf therapy, an understanding of human nature and a constant desire to develop, Yulia came up with the idea of developing competencies on the site of the world's oceans, which she, together with Semyon, brought into reality by developing the Ocean Insight program.

Yulia continues to enjoy surfing and personal development with the help of it on the spots of Bali, England, Portugal and others.
Simon Shulgin
Since childhood, he has been engaged in extreme sports, loves extreme sports in any of its manifestations and lives by it.

Founder of the school and brand Surf Like Pro, mastermind and surfer to the bone. He knows how to create the atmosphere for which people constantly return to feel the scent of freedom and the opportunity to quickly learn and develop in surfing. With care and in simple terms, he will be able to explain how to get up on the board correctly, feel the ocean and catch one's wave.

In an unrivaled way, he knows how to feel and direct the potential of a person and unite people for a common goal. Semyon will guide and assist in the surfing learning process in an easy and casual way.
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