Individual and Group Outplacement give the opportunities to companies to minimize risks, maintain attractive HR-brand, effectiveness and loyalty, and to support the employees in the career transition process

Outplacement programs have become the best practice for companies that aim to reduce risks, maintain their reputation, attractiveness of their employer's brand, as well as the effectiveness and loyalty of employees in a situation of reduction and change.

We offer Outplacement programs that take into account the goals of the companies and the needs of participants in their future careers.

When developing the program, we offer an unlimited number of consultations – both online and offline, ensuring the participants obtain the necessary knowledge and implementation of a skill set to enable a successfully job searching strategy.

The Individual Program is most frequently used as a helping hand to laid-off managers and professionals. The program includes a series of consultations. This arrangement guarantees an individual approach, provides enough time for questions, clarifications, examples and hands-on work. The program will train participants in efficient ways to control job search process.

The Group Program is most frequently used as a helping hand to laid-off managers, professionals and administrative personnel. The Group Program includes a series of seminars/workshop and follow-on help-desk events.

We add the necessary modules to the program for participants who have been in continuous employment for more than 5-7 years, have limited networking skills, or consider themselves to be in the 'final stage' of their career.


  • Our consultants have conducted Outplacement programs for more than 10 years
  • We have organized programs for FMCG, industrial, pharmaceutical, retail, IT-telecom companies, etc
  • We have conducted programs for different personnel levels: top managers, middle managers, specialists, minor executives
  • We develop guidance materials for Outplacement programs
  • We have organized Outplacement programs all over Russia

    • Individual Outplacement
    • Group Outplacement
    • Career Coaching
    • Programs for top-managers, middle managers and specialist in short and long term prospective within Russia
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